Bob Duran for US Congress, 27th Congressional District

It is our duty to preserve the American Dream for our children and future generations.Bob Duran for US Congress running in California's 27th Congressional District, formerly California's 29th Congressional District



June 6, 2012

Dear Supporters and Friends,

Yesterday, we heard from the people of the 27th Congressional District. Unfortunately, our campaign ends here as we did not receive enough votes to continue to the general election. I am disappointed of course because I believe that our message of personal liberty, economic freedom and limited government is the right message for this time and, for that matter, anytime. Nevertheless, I am encouraged by the conviction and enthusiasm I have observed in so many of you along the campaign trail. I am convinced that the more civic engagement we have the sooner our elected representatives will reflect who we are and what we want. This gives me hope for better days ahead!


The work of freedom is hard and unending. I will look for new ways to do my part and encourage all of you to continue your involvement in the electoral process as well. If we are faithful in carrying out our duties as citizens, I am confident that the American project will continue.


I want to thank all who contributed their time and financial support to my campaign. Without you there would have not been a campaign or opportunity to carry the message of freedom to the people in the district. I had hoped to repay your confidence in me with a primary victory, but a simple “thank you” will have to suffice for now. So thank you to all.

Yours faithfully,

Bob Duran

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