Bob Duran has the leadership experience to help get our country, and our district, back on track.

With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love . . . .

– John F. Kennedy
Bob Duran for US Congress, California's 27th Congressional District

Bob Duran

Bob Duran has lived the American Dream and wants the same opportunity for future generations. Our political leaders are destroying that dream by saddling us and future generations with national debt that will impoverish everyone for years. We must take immediate steps to stop deficit spending and borrowing if we want to preserve the dream for the future. That is why Bob is running for Congress.

Bob has the background and experience to deal with the serious financial, economic and tax problems at hand. As a tax attorney and businessman for the past twenty-five years, Bob has spent his career in the private sector where responsible leaders must establish priorities, balance budgets, repay loans, and promote innovation and efficiency. These are the principles that guide Bob’s work and approach. These and common sense–the kind of common sense that is learned by working hard, saving, struggling to get ahead and helping others to do the same.

Bob was born in Los Angeles to hard-working Latino parents who made their way to California in search of a better future. He was raised in Echo Park and Bellflower, where he attended public schools. Following his family’s example, Bob worked hard and put himself through school, becoming the first in his family to graduate from college. Bob then went on to earn law degrees at Santa Clara University and New York University, where he studied federal income tax law. He also taught federal income tax as an adjunct professor at Southwestern University Law School.

Given his background, it is no surprise that Bob fervently believes in the American Dream. In fact, he believes it is his duty to preserve that dream for his children and future generations.

Bob and his wife, Adrienne, have two children and live in Pasadena.



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